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Makanan yang kita makan semenjak dari dahulu telah menyebabkan terhimpunnya TOKSIN didalam badan kita iaitu di usus.Kos yang tinggi diperlukan bagi membersihkan usus dari TOKSIN.Cara terbaik adalah dengan memakan makanan yang dari bahan yang 100% organik.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Greenfield Organic - positive reactions

Important knowledge pertinent to positive reactions

Natural healing is somehow linked to organic food. Melilea Greenfield Organic offers powerful detoxification properties that stimulate and accelerate the body's natural healing functions. Our body will experience four essential internal regeneration empowerment; which are essentially, positive reactions.

The reaction of organic food within the body system: Due to the nutrients from the organic food, your body metabolism will improve and at this point in time, body reactions will include the following:i) Improvements in mental dispositionii) Improvements in the physical wellbeingiii) The body is not prone to fatigueiv) A more radiant outlookv) Better complexionvi) Stronger virilityvii) You may feel excitable and experience temporary dizziness; that is because you have become more alert and do not require so much sleep — therefore, you will not feel lethargic at all.

Melilea Greenfield Organic's detoxification functions will then begin to take effect: This is based on a natural healing philosophy that human beings become unhealthy due to toxins. The people of today are inclined to eating and drinking whenever they like. The foods that are ingested into the body may contain many chemical-based additives and even when the bowels are emptied, toxins are not fully excreted from the body. Prolonged stress and pressure, abuse of drugs and medication as well as many other factors are the source of our body's accumulated toxins. These toxins constitute a major source of many bodily ailments. If we desire our body to free from illnesses. it is imperative that we eradicate these toxins from the body. Likewise, to build a healthy body, the foundation is essentially detoxification.Melilea Greenfield Organic helps to neutralise acidity in the body with detoxification properties. Our bodily fluids will turn from being acidic to alkaline. Thus, frequency to the toilet will increase and the colour of faeces will become darker. Some may experience some form of itchiness, increased phlegm, coughing, others may experience laryngitis or runny nose, and women may experience increased menstrual flow or extended duration of the menses of delay in the timing of the menstrual cycle.
Body aches may occur: Melilea Greenfield Organic's detoxification ingredients and organic food nutrients will elevate blood circulation and stimulate the body's natural recovery process. Nevertheless, this may result in the weaker areas of the body to experience some form of aches of aggravate existing pains. However, these are temporary and will disappear after a few days.
Regeneration of the state of inactivity in body cell: Melilea Greenfield Organic's detoxification properties and its organic food nutrients are truly effective. These will stimulate natural healing within the body; during this process, your body is being regulated and you may experience sleepiness and fatigue but it will disappear swiftly.

Melilea Greenfield Organic's positive reactions and ease of consumption:

Melilea Greenfield Organic offers exceptionally powerful detoxification functions and will stimulate the weaker internal organs in the body towards rejuvenation. For those who are frail, the pain that is experienced may last between 3-7 days and will disappear eventually. Subsequently, the body will become healthier and there is no need to worry.


At 9:16 PM, Blogger Rad said...

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At 9:17 PM, Blogger Rad said...

is it suitable for pregnant ladies?

At 9:43 AM, Blogger Surima Khandar said...

Yes, Melilea Greenfield Organic is good for pregnant ladies too. See review at:


At 6:11 PM, Blogger Stephanie Jia Yu said...

Is it suitable for acid reflux and gerd patients like me ? Afraid it would mess up my stomach


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