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Makanan yang kita makan semenjak dari dahulu telah menyebabkan terhimpunnya TOKSIN didalam badan kita iaitu di usus.Kos yang tinggi diperlukan bagi membersihkan usus dari TOKSIN.Cara terbaik adalah dengan memakan makanan yang dari bahan yang 100% organik.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Testimonial - one month result

Hi... i just get to know of this wonderful product one month ago. first i doubted it because it was just too good to be true. but after i told myself just to try it for one month, the results are amazing. next week, i will started to introduce it to my friends around because i believe in it. if you guys still doubt it, please...just buy the product and try it for one month. only one month i ask of you. the product will speak for itself. you will see changes in you. for me, the changes are lose in weight and the waste that came out from and horrible looking!!! i\\\'m a college student in kuching, so food always a problem. thanks to this product, i dun have to worry about my diet anymore. if there are no food in cafe, all i have to do is to drink one cup of greefield organic..and i\\\'m refresh. i wasn\\\'t sleepy anymore in class and i didn\\\'t sleep as long as i used to be. the most wonderful thing about this product that i see that all other direct selling lack of is the greefield organic is NOT a supplement. it can totally replace you meal. isn\\\'t it wonderful??? to all of you who didn\\\'t believe...just try if for one month. if it doesn\\\'t work out, i will keep my mouth shut. just one month...and the product will speak for itself. thanks... call now 019-9262213.


At 9:51 AM, Blogger Surima Khandar said...

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